Thursday, 26 February 2015

Stout Hearts: The British and Canadians in Normandy 1944 - Ben Kite

This review was written by Chris Buckham but published in Soldier Magazine. Please contact the editor, Rebecca Clark, at

Title: Stout Hearts: The British and Canadians in Normandy 1944
Author: Ben Kite
ISBN: 978-1-909982-55-0
Publisher: Helion
Pages: 467
Photos/Maps: 55/16 (colour)
Rating: 4.5/5

Kite has produced a stellar book in his first foray as an author. He states that he wanted to contribute to a positive rebalancing of the historical record of the achievements of the Canadians and British who landed in Normandy and he has more than done so. Replete with copious photographs, maps and unit fighting tables, he relates the stories, experiences and challenges of the soldiers driving forward in the face of a determined and experienced foe. HIs narrative sheds light on the interactions of the various combat and support arms and he succeeds handily in giving the reader real insight into the complexity and challenge overcome by these men. Helion has published a top notch book.

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